Everything has its time and that of the Riviera Writers has come and gone. The group no longer meets and hence this blog no longer has a function. But rather than permanently delete it, it will just sit dormant. All of the creative writing posts have been deleted leaving only the infrastructural skeleton.

Who knows what may happen to rekindle a flame of interest and return it to life? In the meantime, there is no news to communicate.

If you are a writer, keep writing! If you want to write, write! All good wishes to you as you create.

New people!

Welcome  Erik Abbink, a Dutch writer keen to get back into the swing of things. Erik was a member of the writer’s group two years ago and has decided to take up writing again.

Last time, I forgot to mention our other new member, Michelle  Ryan, a published American author.

Welcome both.

I am still keen to get some feedback from other members. I would welcome any constructive input as to meeting times, venue etc.

Erik was telling me that the first group used to meet at people’s houses and move the venue every month but there was a problem finding the new venue every time. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Hi all,

Announcing the all-new, all-singing, all-dancing new (ish) writers group meeting. Bigger, better, faster than previous meetings. I will even get it advertised in a few places and if you know anyone else who might be interested, tell them they are welcome. Anne might even be there.


Tuesday 18th September @ 3 P.M.


Le café du moulin

Le vieux moulin à huile de vallauris
1, vieux chemin de biot 06220 Vallauris

04 93 64 35 56

06 62 05 13 34

If you need a map, or directions or a lift, please contact me. See you all on Tuesday !!


As there seems to be an awful lot of people away for the summer months, I am going to skip the August meeting and go to September instead. I will let everyone know the details as and when. Have a good summer and try not to set fire to yourselves if it gets any hotter.

Hi all,

Just a quick note to see about preferences for the next meeting.

Unless I hear otherwise, I will go ahead and organise the next meeting at the Moulin in Vallauris.

I like this place for several reasons:

1. It is very artsy, with shelves full of books, music and instruments around, paintings on the wall etc.

2. They have WiFi which we can use if we wish.

3. The parking is free and available.

4. This one is most important. There are a several French writers groups and other art groups that also hold meetings there, and I was hoping that, at some point in the future, we could hook up with some of them and perhaps expand our horizons. Perhaps meet some published French writers? Who knows?

But, first, we need to establish ourselves as a cohesive group, and once again, I would welcome any input as to the venue, time etc.

So, if anyone has any strong feelings or suggestions, please let me know.


We had an interesting meeting on the 19th at The Moulin in Vallauris. Rather different to the previous meeting:

First of all, it was ALL MALE. That’s right, no women at all. If the venue was a possible reason for that, please let me know, either by email, or here on the blog.

The Moulin is just about perfect for the meetings, we can have the place to ourselves, the staff are helpful, the cafe if full of books, musical instruments and other arts and crafts, and there is ample parking available. BUT, it is in Vallauris, this end of the coast, and I got the impression from Bob that there had been some reluctance from the ladies to go to Vallauris ? If so, please tell me.
The bulk of the meeting this time concerned getting published. A continual bugbear for a lot of writers, it seems.

Michael Van Eekeren, a Dutch writer, had come up with an interesting new way of becoming published. He has recently finished a novel which he refers to as fitting the genre “dick-lit.” As I understand it, the book concerns the growing trend for men to become more feminine in their thought processes, and how this is affecting society.

Michael had the idea of selling “shares” in his book, and using the money generated to have the book published and promoted, in much the same way a lot of films are produced. Very inventive, I thought.

But, after taking legal advice regarding one of the characters in his book. (An old lady who was famous in the Netherlands) Michael ended up being sued by said lady, and had to use some of the money ear-marked for promotional work to pay her off. He is now heading back to Holland to promote the book.

We all enjoyed listening to the story from Michael, who made it seem very funny, but I am sure it was not so amusing at the time.

If you would like to check Michael out, his website is:


I will be emailing this same message out to everyone. also.

If anyone has a preference as to where the next meeting should be held, please let me know.


The meeting coming up on the 19th should be much fun. Looking forward to reading about the discussion and the writings. Write on, Riviera Writers!!

Best wishes to one and all,

As suggested by Anne at the last meeting. Bring 2,000 words to be read by someone else. I figure this will take roughly 10 minutes?

Any other suggestions welcome.

Robert Soper has kindly offered  a lift to anyone who needs one. (three people max) From Antibes station.

If you would like a lift, you can call him on 04 93 73 50 56

Thanks Bob.

I have had confirmation from the owners of the cafe. We have the space booked for the 19th at 3 p.m.

Their web address is:


There is a map, and directions along with all sorts of other stuff on the site. I will email everyone the same information as soon as Anne works out how to send me the mailing list. LOL

Is it just me, (and Anne apparently) or does everyone else feel like a twelve-year-old faced with their first algebra problem every time it comes to doing something new on the computer? (I’m trying to create a web site.)

As far as the agenda of the meeting, I am open to suggestions. I think Anne suggested we all bring a short piece of work for somebody else to read? That sounds like a good idea, but I’m not married to the idea.

Any suggestions are welcome here. In fact I notice there are very few posts and comments on this blog. Let’s get it started? Blogs are a good way to keep a group of people in contact, and there’s no reason to limit our contact to a once a month meeting.

Happy writings!